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    Leather Gear Care

    Hi All!

    My leather A* Gear is starting to get a little buggy for my taste . Anybody have suggestions or links for the products used for gear (jacket, pants, gloves, boots): cleaning, conditioning, treating and procedure?

    I did a quick search on google, but wasn't satisfied with the info I found. It's good gear and I think it deserves some proper lovin' once in a while.



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    Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner products are excellent and not too hard to find - I got mine at Quick Cobbler on 2nd Ave just east of Cambie (awesome for boot repairs too!). Use a sponge for applying the solutions, and a soft cloth to remove any excess.

    The Dainese and Ducati leather care products are also excellent - their high-end leathers come with a set and refills are available - Vancouver BMW Ducati on Grandview should stock them. They are re-branded "Leather Master" products, so you might be able to find them at leather furnishing places.

    For boots my current favorite is Montana Pitch-blend (also from Quick Cobbler) - I use a stiff nylon boot brush for initial cleaning, work the Pitch-blend in by hand, then buff them up with a second brush.
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    +1 on the Lexol! My gear looks brand new all the time. I've also used saddle soap which worked as well one time I ran out of the Lexol. I can't remember what brand it is but I have it to clean my cars leather seats, steering wheel etc...

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    Lexol user here to!

    I do a full treatment before I store my leathers for the winter.
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