there is a home movie out there someone took of Kato's crash. Or more accurately not the impact, but what happened just before.

Here's Colin Edwards take after viewing said video:
Well, I watched the video and have come to this conclusion. It looks like he has already lost the rear and it has snapped back as he comes into the picture. Kato is clearly pointed right as you go frame by frame. If you look at Checa behind him who is going straight Kato is visibly facing right. This happens for those of you that don't understand I'll explain. Kato is exiting 130R which is a left hander. As the rear slips it compresses the suspension and rebounds back toward the inside. A few frames later you can see it has snapped back straight but the tankslapper begins and from this point you are just along for the ride.

Don't quote me on any of this, but I'm glad I got to see the video. In my mind all the speculation of what might have happened (the blame game)is out the window. All the best to Kato and his family and if they should see this video I think it will ease the pain.