2004 Honda CBR 1000 RR ?
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Thread: 2004 Honda CBR 1000 RR ?

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    2004 Honda CBR 1000 RR ?

    Could this be the new 2004 Honda CBR 1000 RR ? Is Honda preparing a GSXR serious challenger ? Is Honda developing its new liter class bike as a racer first and streetbike second ?

    In this month's issue of UK motorcycles magazine Performance Bikes, there are some pictures of a racing bike Honda is preparing to race in the Japanese prototype class of it's domestic SBk championship (same races where Suzuki and Kawasaki tested their MotoGp bikes first). The bike in question has some resemblances to the current CBR 954 RR, yet it shows some differences too. Japanese magazine Auto-By, original author of these pictures, says that this bike should be able to put out 150 hp at the rear wheel !

    Last but not least, if we consider that the new CBR 600 RR HRC kit was developed at the same time as the RR itself, and noting that the RR HRC kit has an Arrow exhaust too, it is quite plausible the new liter bike from Honda might make some appearances at the Japanese championship. What makes me wonder about this "muscled" CBR pictures is the side exhaust. Could it be just a way for Honda to make it look like the 954 and therefore attract less attention ? We should see more of this bike as we approach September.

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    Pick up the latest copy of Motor cyclist.. They said that this bike got the green light for next year. Only time will tell.
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    The bike in the picture looks like a 954RR with race bodywork and ram-air. I would assume that Honda has their new litre class sportbike almost finished and they are probably just testing it at their private test track and working out the kinks. Whatever the case, the 1000cc class is gonna be an incredible bunch next year. With the GSX-R already pumping out 150+ rwhp, the R1 due for an update and all new bikes from Honda and Kawasaki due out next year, it will be tough to choose one if your in the market to buy. Similar to the six hundred class this year.

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    not going with radial brakes yet I see... looks like a nice bike though. Needs the undertail!

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