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    Question how often.......

    i'll delete this post after a few replies cause im sure theres probably been a couple of these

    well,,,,,,,,how often do people get dinged without having a licence plate light,
    im just curious how many people its happened to.
    the fine is probably aroud 80 buks id asume??????
    thanks for any info

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    gotta be a hard nosed chopper to get a ticket for that.

    as long as the plate is in the correct "area" (furthest most part of the vehicle) is easly read... (not bent up) then you should really be fine. dont do or say anything horribly stupid if you get stopped and you dont know why. sometimes cops will write you a ticket cause you pissed them off. its as easy to talk into a ticket as it is to talk out of a ticket....

    this message brought to you by (******) deleted for fear of retribution by superior officers

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    I have'nt had a light on my bike for 5 years now, and never been asked about it. Plus if it was a big deal for that, believe me I would hear about it. So no I would`nt sweat it.

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    If your bike looks stock they will not bug you. I was hassled once by cops at roadcheck when they realized that the bulb was burnt out. I am sure that if I had removed the whole unit they would not have noticed.


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    Attitude adjustment ticket.

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    What's your real concern bro?

    is your light hooped on your bike?

    I know my friend's light was burnt out on his bike once and i asked him about it too. (back when i was in the full law abiding stage of riding) and he said to me : "i don't see the point in having a light there anyways....the only person that wants to read it , is the only person i'm trying to get away from!"

    I hope that gave you a chuckle.

    But seriously. You're probably just as well to get any of your lights up and goin should you ever find them burnt, just cuz you never know if you're goin to get a cop who has a daughter who dates a sportbikein' boyfriend, and just has it in for bikers.

    have a good one, brutha.

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