Riding in remote locals alone.
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Thread: Riding in remote locals alone.

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    Riding in remote locals alone.

    I just had a tea today with a friend on crutches.

    This fellow is a VERY experienced rider. He was dirtbiking around Terrace Mountain(Kelowna-Vernon area). He has a cottage in the area and rides around there plenty. He hit some soft sand that threw him and he landed kinda on his butt on the edge of a deep ditch. The impact broke his femur from the back towards the front very close to his hip. It was 35 degress out. At first he was getting no cell coverage. He did have a spot. In extreme agony he dragged himself to near the lip of the ditch and put his spot on his helmet and launched the SOS. In this new position he found that if he reached high he could get a single bar on his cell phone. He called 911 and they said they would send an ambuance and didn't seem to understand that there was NFW an ambulance could get there. Then he called his GF at the cottage and was able to send her his local with some iphone app. She got a guy with a rugged old land cruiser 4x4 and went hunting for him.

    My friend made a few videos of his time alone in extreme pain and immobilization. I saw those today and they were quite something. Meanwhile he is cooking in the hot hot sun.

    The 4x4 got there before emergency help. At least they were able to give him some shade and take over comm with the emergency peeps.

    Long story short, a chopper got there 5 hours later!!

    I'll try to get a couple of those clips for you - he seems ok with the idea.

    One lesson is this. If you are using a SPOT, or even a cell phone to count on for help, keep it on your body if you are alone. He couldn't even see his bike let alone get to it.
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    Was crazy to hear this story from you. Guy in the bush with broken femur... with nobody around. Sketchy stuff man.
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    wow quite a story. i would go even further as to say, no one, no matter how experienced or how well prepared, should be venturing out dirt riding on their own. things can change quickly, weather, animals, no cell reception, you name it. i think we are just used to the vast amount of land around us and great distances that everything seem like it's in 'our backyard', therefore safe. could be very deceiving.
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    wow. hell of a story. how many times on the way to baker , winthrop, or on the duffy is it a one or no bar situation for cell service. i doubt reception gets better 60 ft down an embankment. note to self - get a spot thingy.

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    Holy shit that is scary. Glad he's okay. Thanks for the tip.
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    I'm moving my spot to my jacket from now on. Used to keep it in the tank bag.
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