Riding pants for tall/skinny guy
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Thread: Riding pants for tall/skinny guy

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    Riding pants for tall/skinny guy

    Finally tired of making excuses why I don't have proper riding pants, I'm prepared to spend up to the $300 mark for some decent textiles or leathers the problem is I'm 6'3" and very thin so finding my fitment is hard. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to waste any salesperson's time asking for unattainable items locally.My perfect measurements are 31/34, 32/34 is a more reasonable number however. I ride a gsxr 750 street and hopefully will get some track days or advanced riding courses next season, some rain repellant would be nice and I tend to ride only in the warmer seasons except an occassional winter outing so I need something good for our summer weather primarily

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    Try Rubber Side Down, they do custom work and alterations.

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    I fit regular size clothing, but my favorite riding pant are RSD I have the Max Air & Shotgun for leathers & Jet Textile for cloth.

    I have A* that sit on a hanger most of the time.

    Drop by their and see what they can do. Custom work is not that more in cost than the regular.
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    Ya, Alpinestars are typically tall + skinny.
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    I was gonna suggest Tap Moto, but their price is more than 2x your budget.

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    I'm kinda in the same boat as you...I've got some JoeRocket Alter Ego pants, that seem to fit OK, the waist is a bit too loose (I have to do up the zipper to the jacket or they will slowly fall down as a walk around).

    I'm a 32 waist, 34 length (maybe a bit longer).

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    Quote Originally Posted by marksport View Post
    I was gonna suggest Tap Moto, but their price is more than 2x your budget.

    Durable stuff to crash in. 2x and still doing well. Worth the extra money.
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    Check out holeshot - they have a pretty massive selection of stuff to try on.

    A* and Dainese are a more euro/slim fit. There's a lot of stuff on CList that may suit you, I swear everyone selling was either 5'5 or 6'2+.

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