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    Shout out to Motorcycle World

    I was just in there ordering some parts for my mini racer, and have to say that they are awesome in there. Eddie figured what I was asking for was wrong (it was), looked up the correct parts on the fiche site, and I'll be good to go again.

    I also noticed that they are BLOWING the current stock they have out at cost. Basically, they've got to reduce inventory before the end of the month. They have quite a few GSXRs, both 600s and 750s as well as DRZs and V/Wee Stroms. If you want a new bike at dealer cost, go see Eddie. Stupid low prices.
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    I've been in there a couple of times now, Eddie is a great guy.

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    Yep +1 to Motorcycle World and Eddie.
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    I had a recall done by them last year, took care of me, while I walked
    down the street to the "Round-Up" cafe, which in itself was pretty cool.

    Also spoke to Eddie when my Dad was buying his new Strom, straight up
    matter of fact and no BS, thumbs up.

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    Bought my Scorpion pants from there, A+ customer service!!!
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    +1 for Eddie!

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