Hello. My girlfriends mom is the President of the BCIHRS (the horse rescue). On Saturday the 15th we a had a fundraiser up in the Interior. It was a decent turn out. 50 people or so. But I think we all wished that there were more people that could of came out to help a good cause. I told her that I would post up on forums from the lower mainland and hopefully get some people interested in it.

Please read here for all the information. http://bcihrs.ca/

There are a few ways to help out.

You can come to the next years Fundraiser. If interested please PM me for a date or it should be posted up on the website.

Becoming a volunteer.

Donation of Horse related supplies and equipment.

Easiest way, if you love animals, or if you just love horses. Too busy to do any of the above. Make a $donation$.

Any donation or help goes along way and to a good cause!

thank you,