Aussies propose licence changes
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Thread: Aussies propose licence changes

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    Aussies propose licence changes

    What I find odd is that all the points are aimed at the rider and none for the other road users
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    What are they teaching them about being defensive within those years of graduated licencing? Or is it just let experience take precedence?
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    Gee that looks familiar, other than the training part.

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    Thats for South Aussies. Each state is different. Most AU drivers can only drive a naturally aspirated 4 cyl for the first year of driving (P). The learning permit (L) is almost 2 years.

    All South AU is doing is bringing changes to reflect most other states.
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    The one I find interesting is having training / licensing for riders of <50cc bikes (our Limited Speed Motorcycles [LSM]).

    I don't really get why BC scooter riders don't have to pass the Class 6 program (knowledge test / MST / Road Test)...
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