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    i've never used the internet to buy motorcycle parts and i just wanted some opinions on it. i need to get a new clutch cover for my 93 kawi ZX6E and Ron Ayers is 88 buck american while all the local shops are asking for 200+ bucks canadian. i was wondering what experiences people have had with american mail order parts(such as taxes and tariffs) and especially if they have used Ron Ayers.
    p.s. if you have a clutch cover for a 93 Kawi ZX6E i'll buy of ya PM me

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    I don't know anything about Ron Ayer, but I have bought stuff over the 'net and had it shipped from the USA.

    My advice: have it shipped to somewhere just south of the border and go and pick it up yourself. The decision of whether to tell the customs guards about your goods is up to you. But if you have a courier company deliver it to Canada, you may be shocked at their brokerage fees for simply dealing with Canada customs.

    I like to use The Letter Carrier in Point Roberts for receiving packages. They phone me when something arrives, then I go down and pick it up. They charge very little for this service.

    This topic has been discussed here before. Use the site's search function to dig up the old threads. (Though I don't recall anyone talking about Ron Ayer.)

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    It's easy

    I have not used “Ron Ayers” but he come highly recommended by so you can guarantee you are getting the best deal.

    Importing form the US is easy, I’ve done it many times. There are a few tricks that can save you a lot of money,

    1. Ship by Fedex Ground only!! (This is the most important) All other can carry a hefty “broker” charge.

    2. Ask the shipper if they will consider filling in the customs forms “Warranty replacement, customer owns” this will avoid paying all taxes.


    3. Ask the shipper to mail the invoice in a separate envelope and declare the value less than $100.00. (customs will open the package looking for an invoice to check against the declared value.

    I hope I haven't given away any secrets.

    Good luck,

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    If you want the cheapest route, get Ron Ayers to ship via US Postal Service. The border service charge will be $5.00, plus applicable pst and gst, plus whatever it was to ship via mail. Any courier company (ESPECIALLY UPS) will render any saving you might have made on the purchase immaterial.

    So far, I figure your best landed result will be CDN $191.46 IF it arrives via USPS and not a courier and IF they don't figure out that its a part for a Jap bike and therefore subject to duty (doesn't fall under NAFTA). So not much diff between best legal method and purchasing up here. If they did charge duty, the savings would be a wash.

    Just to show how cockeyed UPS can get: they charged me approx CDN$250 total on a US$350 order. Paid via Visa, then contested and got it back. Otherwise, you are screwed, since they are like dealing with a vat of shit from Iona Island when it comes to cross border customer service.

    Re Ron Ayers, I don't think there have been any complaints about their service etc on If you aren't a member of, you might want to register and then check your quote as a could be somewhat lower.

    Good luck!

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    Fortunately I live a few km's from the border and I agree with what was said, cheapest way is the US mail box or a "shipping house", I do mine that way always now. The brokerage companies are a rip-off if it is sent UPS to a Canadian address(learned the hard way). Canadian exchange rates are a little better now, but when the smoke finally clears you won't really save as much as you thought especially if you pay duty on it.
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