2002 Toyota Echo trade for Bike.
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Thread: 2002 Toyota Echo trade for Bike.

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    2002 Toyota Echo trade for Bike.

    I love this car, but am not using it since we bought a 3rd vehicle (Sienna) to accommodate our fam.

    180k ish, 5 speed standard tranny (rare), a/c (cold), alarm, complimentary District of Mission sticker on windshield so you can use our municipal dump.

    The bad:

    The body has one slight dent in the drivers side rear door, which you may be able to see in the pics just below the window. It's hardly noticeable and the paint is not marred. It could be removed easily.

    Slight vibration on braking tells me that a rotor needs turning next time brakes are done, lifetime warranty through Budget for brake pad replacement. New pads about one year ago.

    Slight tear in cloth of seat pocket on the back of drivers chair. My kids feet hit the front of the pocket perfectly when in their car seat and the tear is at the seam.

    The good: Michelin all season tire's are in great condition, plus Michelin x-ice snow tires on rims. Recent clutch test shows that it's strong, fuel consumption is consistent, burns no oil, all fluids are clean.

    I can't decide between selling it, or just keeping it stored for 10 years and giving it to my son when he goes to university. The Echo is dead reliable, and this one is no exception. The cost to run this bad boy is next to nothing as the fuel consumption is incredibly low. Here is my fuel log for the past year:

    Aug 27 - $46 - 553kms
    Sep 12 - $46 - 533kms
    Sep 29 - $49 - 633kms
    Oct 14 - $45 - 554kms 40l
    Oct 26 - $50 - 606kms 38l
    Nov 07 - $48 - 529kms 37l
    Nov 21 - $44 - 530kms 40l
    Dec 05 - $46 - 564kms 43l
    Dec 30 - $43 - 553kms 39l
    Jan15 - $43 - 535kms 39l
    Jan 26 - $44 - 535kms 38
    Feb 06 - $45 - 520 kms 41 l
    Feb 23 - $53 - 562 kms 42l
    March 17- $46 - 582 kms 42l
    March 29 - $53 - 604 kms 41l
    April 13 - $50 - 592kms 39l
    April 26 - 55 - 542kms 42l
    May 28 - $52 - 560kms 40l
    June 19 - $46 - 570 kms. 36l

    Driving my Mazda 5 daily more than doubles my monthly bill for fuel. For this reason alone I'm considering keeping the Echo as my commuter and running three vehicles. BUT, I wondered what sort of interesting trades might come my way on BCSB. I am a bike whore above all else.

    In my mind I'd consider a KLX 250S, DRZ 400 /650, KLR 650 (2008 and up), newer Ninja / CBR 250, SV650, classic BMW or Honda. However let me know if you have something interesting and perhaps it would work.


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