Free Voip Service for Mobile Phone
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Thread: Free Voip Service for Mobile Phone

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    Free Voip Service for Mobile Phone

    Came across the Dell Voice today. A Voip app from Dell Canada. App and service is free and available in Canada only.

    I signed up to check it out and no credit check card was needed. Asked for address though and was assigned a local number.

    Installed on my tablet and works well so far. Wouldn't say it's a replacement for my cell phone yet but its a way to screw the service providers a bit.
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    I use that. it ROCKS!

    they just added free text to other dell voice users. You can also text people for a couple $ a year.

    great for when you are in the US and need to call people (find free wifi).

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    To me this is like Whatsapp except the receiving party doesn't need the software. Downloading as I type. Thx

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