slip on exhaust question?
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Thread: slip on exhaust question?

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    slip on exhaust question?

    Just purchased a used Hindle carbon fiber slipon for my 02 gixxer 600 ... there is an empty spot for 4 bolts to go into... I took of the stock exhaust and the bolts are reverse?? Do they come out? or do I neet to purchase new bolts? I don't want to start trying to remove them if they can't

    Anybody know? sorry I'm a newbie!

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    I asked Dave cause his pipe was the same as yours. He said his Yosh came with 4 new bolts that screw into the pipe. He said not to try to remove the studs from your stock pipe.

    Crappy huh.

    You should talk to the guy who sold you the pipe. It wasn't very cool of him not to include it in the sale.

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