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    Google Wallet?

    Anybody used it before? I'm buying something from another forum, and the seller sent me a google wallet invoice. I know they had some security problems in the past.
    Just wondering about the pros and cons ...

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    Only its NFC based mobile wallet has had 'concerns' (using an NFC enabled android phone to pay for stuff via PayPass/PayWave). There have been no actual breaches in security.

    The online payment system on the other hand, is fine.
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    I wish.
    My experiences with Google wallet have all been positive.
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    The last thing I would want, is to sign up for yet another online service who accesses my
    money......if the seller does not do paypal or interac online for Canucks, I just avoid the deal.

    Now the important question, what are you buying?? Anything cool? fun? Does it make you go faster?
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    I have no personal experience using virtual money other than observing that EVERYONE seemed to use it in Kenya! Everyone seemed to have a cell phone including the poorest of the poor and they all transact and exchange money using their cell phones even for the simplest transactions involving only pennies! No one I spoke with indicated any security problems or theft!

    Though I did notice no one turned down any George Washingtons, when offered!
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