1995 Yamaha XT350 Enduro
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    1995 Yamaha XT350 Enduro

    1995 Yamaha XT350 - $2000
    Bought 2 years ago, invested quite a bit to make it off-road reliable, including:

    - New 520 chain kit (beefier chain and sprocket, the stock parts are far too weak - I have stock parts too)

    - New OEM skid plate
    - New bar guards
    - New battery
    - New spark plug
    - New front tire (back is full knobby in good shape)
    - New handlebars, grips, and clutch / brake levers
    - New front brake pads and brake fluid
    - New rear brake pads (hub brake)
    - Repacked the exhaust (its a Supertrapp and fairly loud, repacking quieted it down a bit)
    - Cleaned and oiled air filter
    - Regularly changed oil and oil filter (I have two spare oil filters)
    - New fork oil and wipers
    - Clymer maintenance manual

    It is kickstart only, and has been completely reliable for me and an awesome logging road bike. Not too bad on the road either, the 350 motor has quite a bit of torque. I have only ridden it on the logging roads 2 or 3 times this year, so the work mentioned above is fresh. It's an older bike, the plastic is far from perfect, but it's a great enduro.
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