Duffy Lake and Coq temps this weekend??
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Thread: Duffy Lake and Coq temps this weekend??

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    Duffy Lake and Coq temps this weekend??

    Hi All

    Pretty new here but have been on Okanagansporbikes.com for a few years.. Anyways, i am heading out to Lions Bay from Kelowna for thanksgiving. Leaving tomorrow, back monday. Figured i would take the bike if its nice. With the forecast looking good all weekend with clear skies and 18-20 degrees in all towns along both routes, what will the temps be at the top of each pass at mid day? I have not been over Duffy lake this time of year so am unsure of the temps.

    Basically wondering if its to late in the year to venture over Duffy Lake or the Coq. Thanks for the info in advance

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    ... midday 14 to 16 in the sunshine, a bit cooler (and maybe damp) in the always shaded sections

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    Minus one at 8Am here today. Plan to leave late and run the road when there's as much heat as possible in it.

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    daylight highs seem to be between 2-4pm this time of year.
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    We are at 3800' ASL, similar elevation to the Duffey. Our highs are single digits right now, 5C yesterday and 8C today, but it is supposed to warm up by Saturday. I would watch out on Monday, the forecast that out can be very unreliable.
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