first 1000k!!
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Thread: first 1000k!!

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    first 1000k!!

    hi every one i need your opinion on this one. my buddy got his first 1000k on his bike. is it ok if he do the first 1000k serves?or is it better to bring it to a shop?coz when they did my bike they just change the oil and check if thers any loose bolts .

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    Give Bowmax a call or pm J1k. I was just talking to John the other day and he told me it's not necessary to do the first service at the dealer. Although he's not taking any more new customers, he might be able to tell you what exactly needs to be done and what to watch out for.
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    look in the owners manual....depending on the bike a valve adjustment may be called for to keep the warranty
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    I just did this with my new Kawi. BK charged me 150 bucks to change the oil, set the steering head bearings, do ths chain slack, grease all the suspension, visually inspect the bike, drill out the plugs on the carbs, synch them and adjust the mixture. The bike runs way better and my warranty is now without possibility of question. I can do easily all the things they did. You be the judge of whether that was money well spent or not.


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