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    FS: Paintball passes

    I had a staff party and we bought too many of these booklets, each booklet contains 12 passes
    we paid $44 plus tax, id like to get $44 for these booklets. If you buy a few I may even give you a book or 2 for free depending on how many you buy. We saved a lot with these passes and id recommend them to you guys. If you do the math, it works out to less then $4 a pass

    Passes include: All day outdoors, CO2, Paintball gun, Goggles and face shield, Camouflage gear, Complete safety rules and equipment instructions
    Paintballs extra, must be purchased at field ($10 per 100)

    Valid at 5 locations:
    Expires October 2013(Basically they expire in a year)

    North Van- North Shore Paintball 778-896-6772
    Surrey-Ambush Paintball 604-812-2379
    Whistler- Whistler Paintball 1-604-932-3524
    Victoria- Stormain Norman's Paintball 250-478-1070
    Vernon Bushwackers Paintball 250-542-1170

    604 808 3622
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