I love a good conspiracy theory
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Thread: I love a good conspiracy theory

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    I love a good conspiracy theory

    >The Bush administration has thus far shown no inclination to invite the UN inspectors back into Iraq. Instead, the U.S. military has been sending its own inspection teams to scour the country for banned weapons, and has even reportedly tried to recruit some of Blix's staff to help.

    So they can plant the weapons they'll never find, and invite a few U.N. inspectors over to lend credibility to 'on-going efforts to locate W.M.D."

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    Personally, I'm suprised they didn't 'uncover' any over the past month or so.
    Andrew three weeks ago says: "Don't worry, they'll find some chemical weapons whether Iraq has any or not."
    Blah, blah, blah . . .

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    911 was a conspiracy too if you ask me. Perfect excuse to vitalize fading American patriotism so they can to go to war for oil. You also create alot of jobs in NY for clean up and rebuilding.

    Let's not forget good 'ol American propaganda via Hollywood; True Lies, The Siege, Sum of All Fears, and Executive Decision are just a few that depict Islam or Islamic people as the enemies.

    Recently China has been in the spot light too, specifically the James Bond one... with Michelle Yeo.

    Before they were all about the USSR and Communism. Curious how things change eh?
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