Marco Simoncelli - 1st Anniversary of His Passing
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Thread: Marco Simoncelli - 1st Anniversary of His Passing

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    Marco Simoncelli - 1st Anniversary of His Passing

    A sombre thought - it's been a year since SuperSic was taken from us in that horrific incident.

    One of my favourite modern day riders, I enjoyed watching him come up through the ranks and witnessing his progress as a rider and the excitement he brought to the track. A really cool personality too - I loved his post-race interviews!

    So here's to a true racer, taken in his prime.

    Grazie Marco - thanks for the memories!
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    My what?
    It was a sad day for a lot of people. R.I.P.
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    R.I.P. SuperSic58

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    Sad when this type of thing happens. It always reminds me of Greg Moore... a very classy guy from my neck of the woods who perished in a racing environment.

    And another guy I knew fairly well, Dan Fisher... from victoria who was killed racing his drag boat.

    Whether pro or amateur... in contests of speed, things can go very badly... very quickly.

    The biggest suprise for me is always how their track friends rebound. How they can be so overcome with emotion, yet compartmentalize that when they return to the circuit and compete.

    One of my biggest regrets in life is losing a friendship with someone I knew who was paralyzed in an accident. I was young, and didn't know how to cope or react. I distanced myself at the time I should have grown closer and tried to help. I had no idea what the hell to do.

    I've reached out years later, when I realized what I had done. It still bothers me when I see someone in a wheelchair. At the time I should have been the best of friends, I did an about face... I wish I could have that back. But I can't.
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    RIP Sic. Hope your ripping it up on the other side.
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