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    From Russia with Love

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    I doubt he's the first, only or last
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianBird View Post
    I doubt he's the first, only or last
    That's for sure.
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    at first I thought he had married someone less than half his age, but then read she was 72. That sucks, but it happens. It won't be the last time someone gets screwed in a bad way while looking for love.
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    lots of guys get fucked like that up here and not just from russian 'wives'.
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    obviously this pisses me off that our system allows this to happen without any real recourse for the man. But, it also pisses me off that people can be so damn naive to the fact that it will happen to them. Come on, you can't expect anything good when importing a wife from a rough country.

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    He would have been better off importing her under the nanny loopholes. You aren't responsible for them, and they can apply for permanent residence status after a few years. If they decide to screw off and go on welfare, it's up to the government to deal with them, not you.

    A few mail order brides I heard of who had grand plans to do what this woman did have been surprised by how this immigration program works out. The husbands were the ones who sought legal counsel on how to bring them over and protect themselves, so the lawyers told them to bring them in under the nanny program "just tell them it's faster and easier." And then they don't get married.

    They stick around for a few years, get some walking around money and a place to live, and if they want to leave when they get permanent resident status that's up to them, the guy just brings over another one without having to split any of his assets.

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