Will I cook my street oriented BT010's doing the track day at Mission in June?
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Thread: Will I cook my street oriented BT010's doing the track day at Mission in June?

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    Will I cook my street oriented BT010's doing the track day at Mission in June?

    Is it true that once you've overheated your tires they're done? Or is it a certain number of these heat cycles, then the tires are done (never the same as before getting cooked)? Racers often sell their race takeoffs, but when you look at the tread, there's still lots left. Now I'm no racer by any stretch of the imagination, but I'd like my 1 week old tires to last longer than the Race course in June. I was talking to Aaron at Modern, who was my saviour on Friday, the day before ART, to diagnose my bent rotor and braking maladies, who said that I should really think about some race tires for the Mission track day for the June course.

    Is his advice to help me be competitive (vs. street tires won't cut it)?

    I know its mega speed and mega cornering that taxes the tires, so cornering at mega speeds is what really heats em up (Sustained track speeds vs. intermittent road work)...

    And what happens if it rains if you've got the race tires on? Back to street tires? Cause all I can say is the BT010's have unbelievable wet grip from some antics at ART this W/E....

    The IMPROVED grip over my stock D207's in the dry and the wet is why I switched... And the grip in wet and dry and better mileage is why I picked it over the BT012's (which were only 10 bucks more - so more preference than price)

    I do plan to go as balls to the wall as I can towards the end of the day to test the limits of myself and my bike, but it is my first crack at the track. I tend to ride on the aggresive side when there are no cages or cliffs.

    I hope to do the Race school and some track days, but lots of crusin' around too. No S2S, but Baker, the Loop, etc. for sure.

    And I'd have to get some spare wheels to keep from swappin' back and forth and back and forth. So its a good 6-800 dollar investment just for tires and wheels (a decent amount of coin).

    Also with race tires, how crazy should I get the tread? If I have street tires and want track tires should I get the ones that are basically DOT legal slicks with a few slits, or something in between street and those almost slicks? Might as well go for as much grip as possible.... Like some BT-001's, D208GP's, Pilot Races or Supercorsas? If you think I should get some, which ones do YOU recommend?

    Any help from you racers would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yes.. plus you'll prolly have a shitty day as 010's are great for the street but they have a "dual compound" construction... they are softer on the edges than the centers.. you can very clearly see a seam where the two compounds meet on some worn 010's.... they are not very sticky at all and if you have no choice then use them on the track , but you would do far better with street 207s/8's or some sportecs.... and yes.. they would be smoked afterr the track day too... once the heat up like that they never come back to what they were before...

    BTW the 010 is an excellent sport-touring tire. I rode them last season and they lasted me to laguna seca and back and then some...

    just dont have the grip that others have.. that's all..... and you need that on the track./

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    I agree with fish_antlers. I have them on my 929 and they suck for cornering. They take a long time to warm up and the front tire has a tendency to slide under hard cornering. I used to have 207's and they are an excellent cornering tire for super cheap money.

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    Okay, I will have to diagree. If you are fairly new to track days, the 010's will be just fine. The 010's are great for track days and are better than Dunlop 207s of old.

    If you go to a track day, I would say 80-90% of all amateurs run street tires. You will get better grip when they are near new.

    If you are racing, dragging knees in most corners, and sliding the rear end, then spend the big $$$'s on race tires.

    The best way to conduct a track day is to gradually build your speed up throughout the day. Your tires will let you know when they are unhappy if you gradually increase your speed.

    I typically will run at least two track days with street tires and perhaps 2-3k of street riding in between.

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    I would have to agree with Basilla, apparently those Bridgestone tires are not too bad. Lowprofile managed to drag his knee for the first time ever and it was in the rain so I would say that the tires work pretty good and that he rides pretty good.

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    I guess it all depends on your expectations. For full racing speeds they probably won't work that well. For your first track day they'll be fine.

    One of our own was out a Mission last summer on his street 010's and did great.

    You may overheat them (if you're good enough) but street tires will stand this and retain almost all their original grip afterwards.

    Hell, I overheated my D207's more than once late last season and didn't feel any degradation from session to session. Just that they got "slimy" towards the ends of the sessions. And that was heat related rather than heat cycling related.

    Fish, I'm not trying to pick a fight but one guy on an F4 used them for a couple of track days last summer and he did fine (as in faster than me) on them. But I agree that they probably make a better sport touring tire than a track tire.
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    Hey guys,

    Lowprofile, I've been running at Mission 4 times now with the same set of BT010 tires on my F4i. I haven't broke traction very much, since I build my speed gradually in the day; yesterday's T&T at mission was no exception. I remember breaking traction exiting turn one last year and this was as I was standing up the bike. That sensation was really exciting, and only posible because I was in the powerband of 1st gear. I also had the idea yesterday while I was riding that the more heat cycles the tire goes through, the less predictable it becomes; and this set of tires being through 4 track days has performed very well (even with my upgraded brakes that I was pounding on).

    I'm slated to go to LagunaSeca in November, and I'm definetly going for a DOT approved race tire for that. As for mission, I might just go for another round with this set depending on how much tread is left.

    For comparisson, my close friend has been running 207's on at mission. He might have been riding more aggressively than I, but found they would sqweel under braking and step-out under hard acceleration. With that said, you still can't judge the tire based off his riding style, or his setup. You'll have to find your own way and see what feels right for you.

    All I can say is the BT010 seems to me like a great all-round tire (and yes, is a bit slippy when not properly heated, just like any other I suppose)


    PS: great weather we had yesterday! I knew it would be dry.
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