Bike fuel lines + Carbs Cleaning
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Thread: Bike fuel lines + Carbs Cleaning

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    Bike fuel lines + Carbs Cleaning

    Hi Guys, need help with this one.

    2002 Yamaha R6 - bikes been sitting in the garage for 2 years, no fuel stabilizer added. Bike obviously won't start, so what should I do now? Take off the tank + carbs and clean them? With what, what should I be looking/beware of?


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    Are you sure it's the carbs? how's the battery.
    for a cleaning take the carbs off, remove the bowls, then remove the floats (measure the height first!) and the jets, diaphragms and needles. then clean them everything with carb cleaner and compressed air if it's available. it's a good idea to wear safety glasses & latex gloves when squirting the cleaner in the passages. If you've never done any of this kind of work -beware. It's best to get a shop manual and do some research as there's lots of little pieces, hoses, and cables so you're going to need to remember how everything came apart if you're going to get them back together and if you're not careful and have some mechanical common sense you're going to screw it up even worse.. then it would've been much easier to take it to a shop and only have paid the pittance to get the bike running again.
    Let's see: Don't turn any of the mixture screws without making note of the settings. Don't seperate the carbs, otherwise you're in for a world of hurt.
    You might as well drain all the gas and inspect the tank too, especially if it was parked outside.
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    I would check that your getting fuel first, put a small hose on the drain of the carb and open the drain screw. put petcock on PRI .(not sure if an R6 has a PRI)
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