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    FRS radios..........

    I have ordered two Audiovox FR548 radios from for $79.99/pr.They come with two chargers and the features are-audible call alerts,audible low battery alerts,auto power off,backlit display,battery meter indicator,vox,channel lock option,LCD display,14 channels with 38 privacy codes,auto scan.

    They have a bunch of other radios too.........

    I am posting this so ppl can make informed decisions on buying these radios not to undercut any retailers.

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    I bought the same pair when I went to wrestlemania. On the Hwy they wern't to bad in the city it was pretty much out of sight out of range. I have nothing to compare them to so I'm not really sure if thats good or bad.

    Also curious how come your ordering them as opposed to stopping at a local FS and picking them up. I had a bad experience where I ordered a DVD online from FS and they billed my CC then cancelled my order and never refunded me the money.

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    yea.. i have the same pair (audiovox 548)but i mite have to upgrade something more reliable and better quality. yea.. its out of sight out of range.

    me and my buddy bought it so we dont use our phones and thought it was kool hahah.. we were young and stupid.. hahah.. well.. its suppose to go like 2-3miles.. can't even get a clear resception for half a block a way....

    dont get me wrong it has alot of features alot more then some frs i compared... but quality wise isn't good... i think u have to spend a few more bucks for a more relaible one since we are on a bike wid alot more interference... my .02
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    Cobra makes good stuff. You will pay much more than with motorola, but the motorola consumer grade stuff is junk.


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    We`ll have to see how they work,but for $79.I figured it was not bad.If they don`t perform as expected,I can always sell them and get something better.

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    Hmmm.....Clearcom doesn`t make the noise terminator for the audiovox`s i got.So I bought a Motorola T6220 frs radio and have ordered a headset from Tom.

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