Paths of Hate, for the plane nuts here
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Thread: Paths of Hate, for the plane nuts here

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    Paths of Hate, for the plane nuts here

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    That was actually pretty good.

    And since this thread is aimed at aviation enthusiasts, ... sonic booms are always cool.
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    If you haven't watched it yet, I recommend "Dark Blue World".

    It's got a bit of a cheezy love story in the background, but that means your SO is not going to roll her eyes every time you'll want to re-watch it.
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    Great videos guys.
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    Hmmm ... I'm certainly a lot older than most of you folks and well I just don't get it, it's a cartoon ffs, and not one I think is all that good... or am I supposed to be watching it for the music, or is it an ad for some game?

    Edit: Ahh ...Google tells me it's an animated film... okie dokie

    Now sonic booms on the other hand, I can understand.
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    cool video, should be a heavy metal video for three inches of blood.
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