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Thread: Help me pick a new color!

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    Help me pick a new color!

    As I am repainting my bike in the next couple of days , After that horrible lady ran it over I need help on deciding its new color. Please note that my frame , wheels , and swing arm and pretty much that rest of the bike is polished aluminim. The bike will be painted monocromatic. Cheers

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    other - black

    for some reason im like obsessed with the color black...

    but if i had to pick, i'd go with the orange color, yellow is common, but orange is not to common. now if only there were picks of formula orange or hemi orange so i can really decide which orange to go with if i had to pick from the list.

    but i still say black.

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    Hemi Orange - Dukes of Hazzards dodge charger

    Formula Orange - A little bit darker.

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    nice blue metallic would look good with the polished stuff

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    No question about it, PINK! Takes a real man to pull it off but I have no doubt you'll nail it.

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    IMHO there are already too many yellow bikes out there and eve though with all your polished parts it will look great no matter what colour you choose, why not a nice purple?

    I saw an R6 done in a deep purple, it had a lot of polished parts too and it looked awesome! A plus is that purple is not a common bike colour, and I mean a really dark, deep purple not some Barney colour.

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    Gotta be candy apple red

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    Yellow all the way.
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