Post: Leaving helmet on bike
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Bi-polar? I can't tell.

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First you write me a note saying you thought it was a troll thread, and that we shouldn't have to babysit grown men and then you post this BS. This isn't


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This thread went from shit to epic in 3 pages! 1st of all, Frosty would be a catch for anyone's daughter, 2nd threats are just that, if you want to step up to the plate then PM me and I would be more that happy to settle any differences that someone has with my good friend Frosty. Tough guy talk is really just talk, hell lets all meet at a local MMA club and put on some gloves, I haven't broken someone's arm in at least a year. 3rd How the fuck do I get an infraction for saying that most people ride in hoodies and sneakers and people in this thread threaten bodily harm over a guy saying "tell me more about your legal and more than likely sexually active daughter" ok well that's what I said, what Frosty posted was just a little friendly jab. You wanna risk doing a 3 year bit or worse over a comment on the internet ? WOW! Now I have kids and for sure I would definitely destroy anyone trying to do harm to them, but a comment on the internet? Well jeez, childish definitely comes to mind when we speak of that situation. Ok now that I have successfully bumped this bitch, lets see who wants to play ball.