new clutch = good or bad?
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Thread: new clutch = good or bad?

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    new clutch = good or bad?

    hey, im looking for a sport bike in the 3000 range, if you have one gimme a shout, a 600cc in the early 90s...

    anyway, i am looking at this bike that has a new muffler he says its a 'custom' so i dunno, will have to see receipt. He has also replaced the clutch and repainted the plastic. Is replacing the clutch on a 91 cbr 600 f2 normal? or is it prolly from using it to wheelie?

    also i have heard there are regulator/rectifier problems with this bike in the early 90s... how can i check this, and what are they? i have a faint idea what the regulator is, but i have no bike sense...


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    There was a recent thread about an F2, check back a few pages, or check recent posts by me to find a link to it.

    Anyway, clutches go south due to age, hard launches, or wheelies. Since the last two I had go south due to age were on an 81 and an 83, I'd say that the clutch is probably dead from abues on the F2. Not proof in itself, but the plastic and exhaust add up to a suspicious picture. Get it checked by a shop, and tell them to keep an eye out for stunting or drag racing related abuse.

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    Clutch- depends on the mileage.
    It can go south from age,mileage, and abuse, also from a goof newbie rider that revved the piss out of the bike while slipping the clutch excessively. this could glaze the clutch plates and ruin the clutch that way...also a guy with a CB650C told me he changed the clutch because he thought its shot while the real problem was seized cable. so mis-diagnos of a clutch related problem could be a reason why it was replaced when it shouldn't have been.
    However the most logical reason is abuse.
    I wouldnt be too concerned about repainted plastic...bikes have 2 wheels and sooner or later everybody drops one.
    BUT....Make sure the bike is in good shape and look for signs of neglect by the owner. such as : Filthy dark brake fluid...filthy dirty air filter....chain grossly out of adjustment... filthy brownish coolant...smell the oil, if it smells like anything other than oil walk away. if it looks like anything other than oil walk away.( for example...sludgy multi-colored oil, or moisture contaminated oil)
    And if possible do a compression check

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    There is a simple and accurate test for rectifier issues. Put a voltmeter on the bike and rev the engine. If the voltage goes above 14 then the rectifier is fried, if not then it is good. High voltage is THE sign of a blown rectifier.


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