Anyone want to lend me $50k
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Thread: Anyone want to lend me $50k

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    Anyone want to lend me $50k

    Just watching some F1 qualifying and track looks sick

    Due to overwhelming demand, Circuit of the Americas has announced the initial 25 dates for the private track rental program!

    By reserving one of these dates, you will be among the first in the world to drive the purpose-built Formula 1™ track following the inaugural 2012 Formula 1™ United States Grand Prix!

    Your Circuit of The Americas Private Track Rental will include:

    Exclusive use of the Circuit of The Americas full Grand Prix road racing course.
    Pit access, designated paddock loft access, garage access and track access for an entire day.
    Bring your cars and your friends – your group can include up to 24 people.
    Fully staffed track, including track manager, driving instructor, timing system, corner workers and emergency workers.
    Create your own experience: structured race program with practice, qualifying and race session (timed or open racing) or create your own agenda.
    Catered lunch.
    Transportation to track from Austin area hotel.
    Concierge service for hotel, dinner reservations, spa and shopping.

    The cost of private track rental is $50,000 for entire day.
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    Sucks that they limit you to 25 people total.... 100 bikes is only $500 each :P

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    24 people, just over $2K each. Not bad for what you get. Good way to spend a day.
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    yah, thanks i think i'll pass

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    I'm here at the track
    it is awesome
    will post a trip report with pictures when i get back
    the crowd is very different than a motogp crowd
    older and whealthier
    friday's crowd looks bigger than a motogp sunday race day at indy
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    Yeah, and Matt LeBlanc is there. I guess that's worth the price of admission.

    And if there are 25 people interested I'd organize that day on the track - any takers PM me.
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    i would love to do that if it was closer , thats a long way to go to hurt yourself
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    Save your money. Take a look at the pictures, and the track. Now imagine a track as good as (or better than) that without all the facilities. Voila, ORP! Less than $200 a day and closer.
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