1 pc leather into 2 pcs
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Thread: 1 pc leather into 2 pcs

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    1 pc leather into 2 pcs

    Is it possible to turn a 1 pc leather into a 2 pc?
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    With enough money anything's possible.

    there's no reason you can't "professionally" cut the mid and sew a zipper system to it. i've seen it done with snowmobiling suits.
    you just have to make sure that you compensate for the extra 1/4 inch that the zipper will add to the length of the suit. this may be handy if the suit's broken in yet still "tugging", but a pain in the ass if it's loose already and just made looser.

    like i say, if you've got the means to PAY for the job, someone's always got the means to DO the job.

    the sky's the limit and the world's your oyster if you're sporting dead prez'z , or primeminsters in this case i guess.


    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
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    I definitely don't think that by cutting it in two you would add length by adding a zipper. If anything, after finishing the edges and hiding the zipper (by having the jacket part overlap the pant part a bit) you would lose a few cms. To compensate for this you may have to add a strip of leather to either the top of the pants or bottom of the jacket.

    Anything is possible with enough $, but what is it worth to you? You could probaly pick up a two-piece for $700.

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    Having had a fair amount of custom leather work done in the past, I would guess that you would run up a bill of around five to seven hundred dollars. Might make you think twice.

    However, you can get an estimate from eg, Ace of Suedes or Ralph's Leather Shop. At either of those places, if you pay your money you WILL get quality results.

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