Gonna get me some gear
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Thread: Gonna get me some gear

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    Gonna get me some gear

    I'm about to buy my first set of full leathers, helmet, gloves etc... can anyone tell me a ballpark range of what I can expect to pay for all of it? I don't want to cheap out at all, but wanna make sure I can afford it right now... Any recommendations on different pieces of gear, or is it all basically based on whatever style you like?

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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    Oops... maybe I should post this in the Rider's Gear forum

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    Burnaby Kawasaki has a deal where you get everything..leathers boots helmet and gloves for $1,000

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    Hey bud.

    what kinda stuff you looking for? you stated you're not looking to go too welfare on gear.

    i see you've only got 7 posts , so i'm willing to bet you've not had much time to scan this whole site. I strongly urge you to check out the "buy sell" forum.
    I've had nothing but wicked deals out of there.
    some really smokin gear's to be had in good nick for cheap-cheap if you keep your eyes peeled.

    the other thing is if you're looking for something in particular just put up a thread for an item, like you did with this one.

    with all these members someone's usually in the know.


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    Depends on your price range.
    My suit cost me $880 (tax in), helmet was $334 (tax in, bike show price), gloves were $183 (tax in) and boots were $400 used.
    So my stuff cost me a shade under $1,800. It doesn't have to though.
    Get a cheaper Teknic Chicane or Lightning suit, some non-bling gloves, a basic HJC helmet and some run-of-the-mill boots and I'll bet you could find something in your range!
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