EICMA 2012: State of the Motocycling Industry
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Thread: EICMA 2012: State of the Motocycling Industry

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    EICMA 2012: State of the Motocycling Industry

    A very good article by Michael Uhlarik (who also writes for Cycle Canada) over on HFL:

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    excellent article; tks Dan. very insightful and superbly 'real-world', whether we like the outcomes or not...
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    A very thought provoking article, to be sure. No mention of Triumph or BMW, though? It seems that he has hung his hat on Honda's (N. American) lineup for 2013, so it'll be interesting to see how right he is. Personally, I like the thought of the "traditional" bike classes returning, such as the 500's. Hello Triumph, are you listening?

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    Yamaha and Suzuki in North America have just them selves to blame.

    The dealers have been asking for small (250 class) sport bikes for three years and yet they will not send them over here. They make them for other markets but as stated int the article N.A. only want 'big' bikes wrong.

    In North America Kawasaki's largest selling bike is the Ninja 250, and the most conservative bike company, Honda, have two bikes in that category.

    Wake up Yamaha and Suzuki
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    Read this this AM also - open and to the bone article.

    Me thinks brand "X" ism was not the NB point...
    Lots of people willing to blow the "X" horn,
    whichever version of "X" you like

    The NA market as a lack of focus point, was key,
    not that this is new news - but does underline
    the disconnects we see between what we want,
    and what is offered up - especially in Can

    Was good to read a gut check kind of perspective
    on some of the manufacturers, and models

    We get almost none of those ^^^ these days in
    any sort of mainstream media
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    I cannot seem to get the link to work?

    Takes me to what looks like the right site, but only has a header and blank page

    works now
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    Oh come on now - tractable (and ultra-dependable) 200 hp motors, electronic shift assist, electronic traction control, wheelie control, electronic self-adjusting 'rider sensitive' suspension ... all in around a 400 lb package...

    what more innovaton do you guys want in a race-replica liter streetbike anyway?

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