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    Speaking of music

    Does anyone listen to music while riding? I am not sure if it is Illigal or not but I use my MP3 player all the time. Not so loud that I can't hear traffic or better yet the musical sound of my arrow slip on.

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    Ive thought about this before.... I havent seen anyone myself, but Im pretty sure there's guys out there that do.

    I've thought about using my MP3 player while I ride but then I decided not too... thinking about riding and being distracted by music didnt soudn too smart of an idea.

    Im still a newbie so I feel like I need all my senses while I ride.

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    i did it for a while until i really found it was distracting and obviously dangerous....to each his own, just be extra careful if you're gonna do it

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    Earplugs are the ONLY way to go, and they came in handy for the Dyno day when Ryan and Jim had their bikes sound off!

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    If I have my communicators hooked up I plug my mp3 player into it and listen, because if I am using the communicators then it is a long ride. Otherwise I don't listen to it around town.
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    It is illegal to wear a discman/mp3 player/walkman while riding a motorcycle. Rider to passanger communicators are allowed as are dash mount stereos ie. goldwings deckers etc. BUT I have been stopped while listening to my discman and the only thing the officer said was keep the volume down and he also suggested a single ear bud (like the FBI on presidential detail (movies) wear). This works and you can still hear, however I would still recommend keeping the volume turned down.

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