Classic car parts or custom metalwork?
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Thread: Classic car parts or custom metalwork?

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    Classic car parts or custom metalwork?

    I had a thread a while ago looking for some information on importing a Torino from the states. I bought it and things have been great but I can't really leave anything alone. I've never really been into automatics and I'm in the process of a motor/transmission swap. It's getting a mildly built 351c and a tremec 5 speed. So far things have been slow but I'm just about at go time. I'm having a really hard time finding one of the cosmetic pieces to put in my 5 speed and retain the factory 4 speed look. I know there are a lot of talented people on here with various backgrounds and I was hoping for a few tips. My skills are ebay and google and so far I'm batting a big fat zero. If anyone has any leads on where I might find more exotic used stuff like this in the lower mainland, I'd love to find original; otherwise, does anyone have any thoughts on making one from scratch? The part itself looks diecast but I think some machining and bending on aluminum plate could also make a fairly close replacement.

    These are just pictures poached from the internet but the top is the automatic floor shifter console plate that I have. The bottom picture is the 4 speed manual plate that I'm looking for. They're usually in the $500 range, if they can be found. I'm just not having that kind of luck and am getting a little impatient with ebay. The 1970-1971 Ford Torino or Cyclone plate is unique for those models but I'm pretty sure I can use the Fairlane/Torino or Cyclone plate from 1968-1971. I know this is a sportbike site and a big longshot but I thought it might be worth a try.

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    If the plate you need is impossible to find, use your original, modify it as required with bondo or whatever. Then cast a mold etc....

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    I used to make/repair unbuyable parts for old cars n hot rods for some guys from the Langley car club. Try those kind of clubs. They were mostly a chevy club but there were a few ford guys. And there is a huge Mustang club here. I am sure someone can help you.
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    Leave this with Me for a few days... I'll look into it, I have some connections back in T.O

    Stock appearing shifter for a 5-spd ... Some other parts You may need as well.
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    One place to try is Concept Muscle Cars in Cloverdale, if they're still in business. Guy had a warehouse full of parts cars.

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    it's the NOS parts bible

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    go through the local mustang club. a lot of what you are looking for, especially mechanical parts are interchangeable
    with 71-73 mustangs and maybe 69-70 as well. try Wasney's auto wrecking. they are a ford only wrecker and they
    carry a consideral amount of collector parts. Talk to Ed Wasney ( owner) and explain to him what you are doing and
    what you need and want, if he doesn't have it he'll tell you where it can be located. Ed is a good guy and is very
    enthusiastic in helping people with their pet ford projects.
    Wasney's is located on Trapp road in burnaby.
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