Space Dive: The Felix Baumgartner Story
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Thread: Space Dive: The Felix Baumgartner Story

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    Space Dive: The Felix Baumgartner Story

    It's on Sportsnet right now......but sure to be more repeats

    Super interesting....
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    Interesting to read about some of the behind the scenes stuff.

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    To scrutinize what Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull have laid claim to, watch this video:

    The UBC astro physicist in the youtube clip says that the edge of space is acknowledged to begin at 100 kms above sea level. Planes won't fly, etc.

    The space station is at 400 kms above sea level, definitely in space.

    Baumgartner did the leap from 39 kms above sea level, 61 kms short of the edge of space.

    Regarding breaking the sound barrier, it is at a lower speed to break it at the altitude he was at, for the speed calculation for the sonic boom we all know of is taken at sea level at 20 degrees celsius. The higher above sea level you go, the less speed it takes to break it.

    Watch the clip and feel free to scrutinize his scrutiny. (ouch)
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    I found it interesting, save some of the modern day reality type hype.
    Regardless of anything, it takes balls to do that.
    But I think it bigger balls to do that in the 60s when the old guy did it. And he had a smoke when he landed!
    To think of the technology leeps we have seen since. Joe definitely took a leap of faith.........
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