Scottish Marriage Proposal
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Thread: Scottish Marriage Proposal

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    Scottish Marriage Proposal

    Quote Originally Posted by bottomfeeder View Post
    Big shitty balls of shit, that's a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling

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    I heard a similar joke a while back - I'll see if I can word it properly...

    A gay man comes home from work greeted by his partner who asks how his day went. The man replies, "My ass has been bothering me all day. Would you mind having a look?" as he drops his drawers.
    The partner kneels down and looks. "Looks normal to me" he says.
    "There's got to be something. It's really irritating. Maybe just put a finger in there and feel around. Please" the first man begs.
    Concerned, the partner obliges and starts to investigate. "I still don't see anything" he says.
    "A little bit further. I wouldn't ask unless I felt sure that there was something there" the first man says.
    Now wrist deep, the partner feels an object and all of sudden exclaims "What the....?" and begins to remove his hand. "A rolex watch"
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    ha ha ha ha subtitle's! you guys crack me up!!lmao!!!! near the end he says BALL bag not baw bag. Sorry just find that really funny.

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    That's disgusting yet hilarious at the same the UK humour!
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    Hahaha, that is awesome!
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