Options in place of TReO
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Thread: Options in place of TReO

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    Options in place of TReO

    If you use Pay by Phone and their app you likely know this already but if you don't..

    You can use your pay by phone account to handle Port Mann bridge toll payments, same lower rate as if using TReO.

    Of course you'll need to set up a pay by phone account and give them your CC to bill to. You will I guess also have to have location services turned on for the pay by phone app so it'll know when you cross the bridge.

    As I have a TReO account I have not looked into the pay by phone option in detail but it may be an option for the tinfoil hat crowd.

    I've used pay by phone for parking meters and lots for years and think it's great.

    You get an instant email confirming your payment, great for disputes if you have to, and a text letting you know your time is expiring. The notices are only if you choose to receive them, you don't have to.
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    I noticed the new little Treo building on the 160 st exit westbound.
    It has 2 drive thru lanes with atm style machines
    I guess it will be Drive thru pay stations to pay your bill
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