brian burke and mini-me
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Thread: brian burke and mini-me

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    brian burke and mini-me

    Ok, I'm a self professed bandwagon junkie.

    My ankles have never healed properly since the '94 defeat, so you'll have to excuse my lack of hocky knowledge.

    Watching the game, they often show brian burke, with what looks like a younger version of himself always next to him.

    same frame build (just big), and a full head of (what looks like) brown hair.

    Who is that guy? Burke's son? Mini-me?

    Oh yeah, does anyone else think Malik looks a bit like frankenstein?

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    Um, Dave Nonis is your mini me I'm pretty sure. Only ever see two other guys with him, and one of em is Steve Tambelini. He'd be the senior vice president or some shit like that.

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