Wheres the ultimate place to live...
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Thread: Wheres the ultimate place to live...

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    Wheres the ultimate place to live...

    Just talking bout maybe moving somewhere with the family, mostly bc, but then I started thinking, theres a whole new world (insert Aladdin song) out there. Chatting with the brother in law and he sais Uruguay is a nice place. Any of you have any interesting places that you would consider moving to? Most important to me is, a) warmth, b) safe (i dont wish to see my family chopped up in front of me for my flat screen and wrist watch) etc etc. Don't really care about having to walk everywhere, ocean front is nice. Don't wish to be around deadly shit either, like weird snakes and crocs that will kill you in your sleep, so Aussie is out of the question...English? Sure, but we can learn other languages. Political unrest, is on my no list as well. Friendly people, community oriented. Ability to work is a bonus, im a chef and wife is a doctor. Post your thoughts!!

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    Not too sure about the political / social issues however, Australia's north coast looks pretty appealing to me
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    sunny surrey
    a few pretties
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    I have been to Italy and spain quite a few times and have many friends there and i can say with quite a bit of certainty that 1. they are absolutely beautiful place to go to 2. Amazing people there..... 3. But in this economic climate stay away especially if you plan on living and working there.
    BUT if you still want to go, go to Malaga in spain.... You wouldn't ever want to come back

    Taking all your requirements into consideration....... if you can withstand hot temperature i'd suggest Dubai. A lot of opportunities for work with high pay, very high standard of living and quite a beautiful and safe place. Been there and its amazing.... Buy or rent yourself a beach front villa and you'll be living the dream. There's very little of the middle east drama there and a lot of expats to keep you good company and gas is practically free so buy yourself a nice gas guzzler and enjoy being a boss.
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    There's a few places in the Caribbean that I quite liked. About the only downside was hurricane season in Sept / Oct.
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    I'd move to Jamaica in a heartbeat
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    According to the license plates (and more recently those T.V. ads), B.C. is the best place on earth.
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    Spain forsure

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    You're already in the best place.
    A close second would be New Zealand. We lived there for 5 years and it's got just about everything you'd be looking for. Just stay away from Auckland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
    According to the license plates (and more recently those T.V. ads), B.C. is the best place on earth.
    ... and Richmond is the best place to live in BC.... followed closely by Osoyoos ..
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    All the foreign countries are wonderful places to visit. But at my "advanced" age I also want more. For less.

    I'm thinking I'm gonna stick with Nova Scotia. Inexpensive housing, 4 seasons, great roads, a modern society and a decent medical system.
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    It's great to dream. Exotic locations, sunny all year. When I think about where I want to be in 15 yrs, I'm thinking right here. The only drawback to southwest BC is the winters, but it's a leisurely 3 day drive to the warmth of the desert. Southern Europe does sound appealing, but the shit storm that's about to hit that whole region will make ALL services needed for a pensioner a crumbling mess. That said, you really want to think about which country you settle in, especially regarding currency value comparisons. As an example, I know a guy who retired here 8 yrs ago from England, with his nice UK pound based pension, at the time about $2.10/cdn$. Well, now the pound is but $1.65,,,and his UK pension cheque is much smaller in cdn$ value. Retiring to Brazil with it's society reaching 1st world status, and it's accompanied currency strength,,could mean a much reduced Cdn pension cheque/cheques. This should be an integral deciding factor in retiring to another country, as should the possibility of buying into that country's medical system. Costa Rica as an example, allows retiring 'ex-pat's' to move with landed immigrant status, and gives them the opportunity to buy into full medical services coverage for about $40-70/month. I like the idea of being able to actually drive back to Canada rather than get on a plane,,which in the future WILL be very expensive as jet fuel collects itself for a push into extreme high prices. It's really something to think about,,the medical coverage. There is a very strong reason why Cdn's living in the USA during the winter keep track of the 180 day maximum away from Canada.

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    You're not too far off. West Coast is one of the best places to live, come visit the islands. I met tourists from all over the globe, friends who have traveled to every corner and still say this is overall, the best place you can live. No civil unrest, good medical, overall cost of living compaird to what you get for scenery, decent year round weather and it's not crowded. Friends from europe and asia always say how compacted in everyone is, no thanks.
    Twisty coastal roads, snow capped mountians up north. Minutes from the US and the mainland, without a RICHMOND or SURREY next door.

    You want safe, move to rural Saskatchewan.

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