Boxing week sales on snowshoes?
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Thread: Boxing week sales on snowshoes?

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    Boxing week sales on snowshoes?

    I'm looking to pick up my girlfriend some snowshoes during boxing week if I can find any decent sales. I saw Atmosphere has 20% off everything, MEC has no sales...anyone got a line on any other sales elsewhere?

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    Not sure but go with the MSR evo, I have the lightning axis and I prefer the evo.

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    FJarrrrrrr! carries a few options, and I've been told they are very well priced, fwiw:
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    I'm partial to Atlas. Unless you're in a very icy area (in which case the MSR's have better grip), the Atlas has better floatation and better buckle system.

    Clist or MEC is the way to go. MEC may not have sales but they do sell returned merchandise and my wife got a pair that was basically brand new for $90 that retailed for $195.

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    I like my GV Mountain Trail snowshoes. Made in Canada! Thus, if I do break soemthing, parts are available ;-)
    I think MEC has them.
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