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    Alarm companies

    I need some suggestions on alarm companies. We have Vivint at the moment and I'm paying about $50 a month. Just wondering if there's better option out and what you guys are using, maybe there's good upgrade options. My contract is up in February and it would be nice to find a company without contract as well.

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    Residential or Commercial? If residential just bury the horn in your soffit and let your neighbors be your monitoring company. Also, once you have the stickers on your doors and windows there's very little reason to stay monitored. If commercial the cops probably aren't coming until you've shown up at the scene to confirm the B&E anyways.
    Check the rules in your jurisdiction. YMMV.

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    Can't you just pick up a few wifi cams properly placed and set them to start recording on movement. Auto sends an email or text to your cel.... Suspicious call the police.

    It has to be cheaper to monitor things yourself?

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    got a call one day from the monitoring company that there was an alarm at the house and as i was close decided to attend rather than bother the police , when i get there i find the bathroom window broken and lifted ( which set the alarm off ) , i go to my neighbors and ask if they heard anything and they remarked that they heard an alarm go off but didn't know from where and soon lost interest

    monitor for the win , its worth the extra expense

    i use alarmtron
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