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    Polygamysticisms ...

    so apparently this dude got 'busted' with multiple wives:

    Ottawa-area man charged with polygamy

    An Ottawa-area man has been charged with polygamy after Ontario Provincial Police responded to a domestic dispute.

    Police responded to a home in Renfrew County, west of Ottawa, last week and one man was charged with assault with a weapon, domestic mischief and polygamy.

    Police said the man lived with one of two wives and said the other wife lives at a different home.

    Renfrew OPP spokeswoman Const. Janice Sawbridge said no other details could be released, including the name, age or address of the accused, because it is a domestic case

    Yet wasn't the old 'Blackmore' twenty wives/five hundred children (with govt benefits, I believe) case in east B.C. kind of swept under the rug, because of 'religious beliefs' ...

    so what makes one man's multiple wives acceptable, and the other's not?

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    Problem was that he didn't openly flaunt it as a religion. He tried to hide it.

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    If all be willing, where's the crime?
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    Ya i mean i can see if the guy was holding them hostage or something.. Having two Girlfriends is not a crime. marriage is just extra paperwork.. what's the difference??

    though one can be complicated enough, couldn't imagine trying to tackle that x2 or more.

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