I have a bag of new fairing washers, bolts and screws that I bought for a ZX14. They're OEM Kawasaki stuff, but should fit any late-model metric sportbike - they don't look any different from any other washer or bolt I've had to replace after crashing a bunch of Suzuki and Yamaha bikes. Probably about 60-70 pieces altogether; great for when you lose that miscellaneous bolt and washer after pulling that 6th gear sideways wheelie. Buying new from any of the big 4 would set you back about $160 Also included: a K&N 303 oil filter. Fits pretty much any late model ZX6, 636, ZX10, some R1's and R6's and a ton of others. Look here for applications: http://www.knfilters.com/search/prod...px?prod=kn-303.

Filter and nuts and bolts: $60 shipped. Paypal only.