What Suits you got?
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    What Suits you got?

    List the motorcycle one piece/2 piece suits you have or owned in the past. Also include a couple words to sum your experience or a brief review. This might help other members who are looking into a particular suit ask that member who owns one for advice. Or just do it to show off.

    I know there might be a few threads already on this topic but what the hell post it up again and with "updates." ;-)

    Teknic Violator - (Sold) -Very snug fitting but comfortable. Armor feels like it can take hits. Excellent stitching. Will recommend for street and track rider.
    Teknic Chicane - (Sold) -A more relax fitting with less aggressive pre shape when compared to the violator. Will fit any avg joe. Good stitching and choice of stretch. Will recommend to spirited street riders and beginner track rider.
    Teknic Xcelerator - Pretty much a Teknic Violator but noticeably lighter. Same aggressive preshape and excellent armor and padding. Would recommend a stand alone back protector to complete the package though. Pro level suit... might look a little too much for an avg street rider.
    Kobe Carbonstar - Talk about elephant hide. This suit uses 1.7mm leather. :O They dont make this kinda leather anymore. This suit can slide for a mile on the tarmac and the leather will hold up. Love the colors, fit and protection. Flows tons of air, good for track but for cold day street riding, would recommend an alpinestars winter tech under suit.
    Apinestars MX-1 - Love the armor and design. Very form fitting and confidence inspiring. You look fast just wearing it. The armor Covers a lot more area compared to other suits and the comfort level is off the chart. Probably my favorite.
    Dainese Laguna Seca - Its a dainese, nuff said. Love the style, armani of leather suits and the armor is just next level. Would recommend it for anyone looking for that extra protection or style. Will be the first and last suit you'd ever want to own. The most easiest to move in, got tons of stretch panels at strategic places.
    Arlen Ness - TBA, Can't wait to try it out this summer. Looks irresistible especially with all the exo magnesium armor and got a lottt of padding. Overflowing with detail.
    Shift Vertex - TBA, Have to wait till summer until i try it out. Fits beautifully and leather style is unparalleled to any other. Never seen so much detail and design on every pannel. Went with the white version. Gonna be my first white colored suit.
    Rev'it - This is a less known brand but the quality is up there with A* and daineses. If your looking for a little low key look but with the protection of the top end brands, i'd suggest this. Looks cool and feel perfect. May run a little more snug compared to other brands.
    Cortech Latigo RR - An excellent suit for the value. If you're on a budget i would suggest this. Armor is good, leather feels good. Suit got all the bells and whistles but with a very reasonable price tag.
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    Teknic Mercury - bounced off two cars and slid across the concrete twice (low-speed) last summer and will still serve me just fine for this coming summer. Comfortable and fairly breathable for a full leather 2-piece.

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