ticket draw i like this idea alot
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Thread: ticket draw i like this idea alot

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    ticket draw i like this idea alot

    Wonder how it would fly if i wanted to sell a bike i got actually two of them?

    Maybe i should do pamphlets up and drop at local dealerships and do it off in 2 months.

    Just a question:

    If i were selling tickets off for 2 for 25- or / 4 for 40- For a 1986 Old skool gsxr 750 pimped all out Yeah think people would do it.

    Also wonder if they would do it for a XL 600R honda 1983 Enduro.

    Would be fun to do Selling items this way...


    Actually if i did this i would like to take some proceeds of the funds and put it to a good cause like the childrens hspital and maybe some of it to a motorcycle organization. I will keep yah all posted on this I am gonna look into sponsorships thru some companies and tell where the pictures and tickest will be available. But first will need to raffle off these prizes at a public event and no better place to do it but a motorcycle event but when one coming up?

    We should have one............. LOL

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    .... What?

    I think people might buy em, but I dunno if dealers would help you out. Unless you have some sorta hookup with a couple, or are a good customer. But what the fuck do I know, give it a try

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    I would go for the XL 600R tickets
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    Don't you need a lottery license to sell tickets for anything, or is there a loophole where you can sell just enough tickets to cover the fair market value?

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