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Quoting my statement and going against it in the same post is pure stupidity.

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let me get this right.
This stupidity,

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1: Automated vehicles. Have you begun thinking about what this entails for society?
2: What, if any, corporate interests are funding your campaign ?
3: WHEN the next kid gets busted for doing 200kph on the hwy, how will you react? By dreaming up further restrictive legislation? Or do you believe the current system of punishments (impound, forfeiture, etc) is sufficient?
3b: Do you support such an incident being fed to the sensationalizing media hype machine, or should such an individual simply be punished privately according to the laws in place for such a thing?
4: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or just 1 horse-sized duck?
and this stupidity,

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Here you go, eight questions for the BS pile.

I expect my questions are even less likely to make it into your questionnaire than DNA Sparks.

1. Do you ride a motorcycle ? Are you of the AGATT ilk ?

If yes do you believe that Loud Pipes save lives ?...?
are ok, but any anti-NDP stupidity is not ok?

with that level of consistency, you might have a career in politics.