PSA: February is Distracted driving enforcement in Abbotsford
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Thread: PSA: February is Distracted driving enforcement in Abbotsford

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    PSA: February is Distracted driving enforcement in Abbotsford

    February is Distracted Driving Enforcement Month
    Abbotsford – February 5, 2013
    During the month of February the Abbotsford Police Department and many other police agencies will be conducting focused enforcement on distracted driving. With the APD 2013 commitment to Road Safety, distracted driving is a target worthy of attention, given that it is so avoidable and so dangerous. Despite warnings and plenty of media attention about the use of cellular phones and electronic devices while driving, the practice remains a far too common sight on our roads.
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    I count atleast 10 asshats on their phones a day.... They should target Surrey... esp My hood
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    Every month should be distracted driving enforcement month. What makes February so special?

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    Happened here in Kamloops on Super Bowl Sunday... 3 people in front of me were flagged down when the light went green.

    Super Bowl Sunday wasn't so super for dozens of drivers issued tickets for seatbelt and cellphone violations, Kamloops RCMP reported Tuesday.

    A "superbelt" blitz by police at Summit Drive and Columbia Street West resulted in 69 tickets handed out for not using seatbelts.

    Other results:

    • 24 tickets for using an electronic device

    • eight tickets for other violations

    • one prohibition notice

    • four tickets for intersection offences

    • one person arrested for obstruction

    • a woman arrested under the Immigration Act

    • two impaired drivers taken off the road

    "Today's enforcement involved the use of a plain clothes police officer standing at the intersection. As violating motorists drove past the officer the offences were called out to an awaiting police officer nearby to write a ticket," Const. Kathy Prentice said in a press release.

    "Many people put the cellphone down or buckle up when they see a police car in the distance — this strategy did not work today."

    One impaired driver was caught at 10:15 a.m. — "showing us once again that impaired drivers are on the road at any hour of any day."

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