Anyone have a spare 300-500K??
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Thread: Anyone have a spare 300-500K??

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    Anyone have a spare 300-500K??

    Beautiful 911

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    Cool car but still not gonna spend 300K on it, IF i had 300K that is. There are 20 other on my list that top this. Maybe im just not the porsche type. :/

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    Beautiful, I love the classic look.

    What a dream place to work... top quality everything, no cutting corners or compromise. The time and money to do the job right.

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    This is a video of the ultimate air cooled 911, the amazing RUF YellowBird!!!

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    Saw that video a few weeks ago, and while I think the car is an amazing work of art, the only way it would make its way into my garage is if there were another ten $300k+ cars for it to join.
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