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    India Scooting

    I have been riding motorcycles in India for the past 2 months. Judy and i have been visiting Mirzapur, Judy's child hood home until she got polio at 4 and came to Vancouver. I wanted to share with her the thrill and adventure of riding in these crowded and apparently chaotic roads, so I added side wheels to a Bajaj Wave scooter that I picked up for 20,000 rupees ($400). Its amazing how fun it is to ride small displacement bikes here. Usual top speeds are only about 35, but imagine riding in the mall with cows and elephants. I love Mirzipur for the lack of cars. Young guys often get up to about 50 with horns blaring and lights flashing to gain right of way.

    While I am checking out availability of used Street Triples for sale, check out my latest video "Mirzapur Scooting" filmed this morning with a hand held iPhone

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    Man i just got back from India about a month ago...that place is too crowded. Ive been many times as a kid but this time around it was a different experience. Did some riding but found it to be too hectic and unorganized for me to safely make it back home lol. Enjoy your visit and be safe...GIVE SIDE! lol.
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