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    1995 GSXR 750

    1995 gsxr750

    Hi guys I am new to this forum and saw some old threds from here about air box mods for my 1995 750. I want to go with pods and a filter cover,(one to fit arround all 4) and have read that it is not advisable. I noticed that the air box boots are very unique compaired to the square, and more open pod boots. there is a cut out on the stock ones for the 2 little jets in the carb inlet. they are also 3/8 in longer (higher air speed). The stock boots fit right on the pods. i have a full D&D system. I know I will have to tune it alot and I mostly do not want to fight the air box for an hr every time I have to jet.
    What do you think all?? It does have a DJ stage 1 (slotted needles & a 122.5 jet).
    Please advise me wise ones. My last bike was a 180hp 07 GSXR 1000....I miss it a lot, but am happy to have a bike again.Thank you for any advise!!
    What is a DJ air box mod for this monster? are the boots I have stock?
    Do I just put a filter on the vent that goes into the box?
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    Best place by far for the information you need would be on another site:


    There are people on that forum with 20 years of messing with that generation of bike under their belts. Good luck!

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